St. Mark's Sunday School

Weekly Sunday School classes are held for children
ages three through eighth grade from the fourth Sunday
in September through the second Sunday in May.

Each Sunday School session opens with a large group
Worship service lasting about 20 minutes.
During this time we sing songs, celebrate birthdays,
receive offerings, and hear a short message.
Following the worship are individual class times,
which last for about 55 minutes.

Memory work is required by each age group.
Nursery - work on "The Lord's Prayer"
Kindergarten & Grade 1 - "The Lord's Prayer" & "The Apostle's Creed"
Grades 2 - 4 - The Books of the Bible
Grades 5 & 6 - "The Ten Commandments"
Grades 7 & 8 - "The United
Church of Christ Statement of Faith"

Our Sunday School offerings are used to provide help to others in need.

Our projects include:
**Sponsorship of Dyovany Michel, born
1/30/99, through New Missions. Dyovany is from the village of Macombre, Haiti.
**Supplying Christmas gifts for two needy families
**Contributing to our Church's Neighbors in Need & One Great Hour of Sharing Offerings
Past Projects include:
**Tashi Lahmo, our sponsored child from Tibet until she aged out
**Raising $401.45 for Church World Service for the Refugee Relief Project (helping Afghanistan Refugees in Pakistan)
**Raising $427.00 for the Hope From The Rubble Fund, a UCC effort to help victims' families from the September 11 tragedy
***Raised $600.00 for the Afghanistan Education Fund
**Working to raise $750. to purchase a pony and a saddle to provide transportation
to the pastors in
Lesotho, Africa.
**Contributing $300. to Major Schneider's family, an 18 month old undergoing cancer treatments
**Contributing $300. to Donald Christensen, to help him in his recovery after receiving serious burns when he assisted people in the tragic multi-car pile-up on I43.
**Raising $1,000 for
Turkey Earthquake Relief
**Contributing to the Red Cross
**Collecting food for the area food pantries
**Collecting items for children of

In addition to the weekly classes, our students sing during the Sunday morning
worship service about four times during
the year. They also participate in a Christmas program.

The eighth grade students attend confirmation class, taught by
Pastor Kesting, once a week.
Their confirmation occurs in spring. Confirmation is a time
when these teens have the opportunity to affirm
their faith, and make public their decision regarding their faith.


We welcome visitors to our Sunday School, and invite
new members to join us.
Check the home page for the times.