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St. James Consistory

May 16, 2012

Meeting was called to order by President Keith Mauk at 6:30 p.m.Pastor led us in prayer.Members present:Pastor, Keith M, Dave M, Bill H, Wendy H, Kim G, Wendy M and Sue J.Secretary minutes were reviewed and approved with a motion by Wendy H and seconded by Bill.Motion carried.Treasurerís report was reviewed and approved with a motion by Sue and seconded by Bill.Motion carried.

Building and Grounds

The roof leak has been fixed and Keith and Bill are taking care of the repainting of the wall.Bill will be power washing the canopy of the church.Bill will contact Mike Zolltheis regarding the Dusk to Dawn light which hasnít been working properly.

Old Business

Sue reported on the Board of Christian Education meeting.The board decided not to hold Vacation Bible School this summer but instead hold it the Sunday after Labor Day in September as a kick-off to Sunday school in the fall. The suggestion box was empty.Confirmation went very well.The consistory recently met with the Korean pastor and Chang Seiler.There were no concerns at this time.Wendy reported that the profit for the Brat Fry was $1239.Everything went well and the increased marketing helped the attendance.Pastor will be meeting with Dr. Christensen on May 18th.Keith reported that the 150th anniversary committee is busy working on the booklet and on the events for next year.We are receiving lots of donations for the Pine Ridge reservation.The Stewardship committee will be sending out letters in June to church members informing them of their donations to date.The Vision of Hope recommends donating $200 to the mission trip to Minot.The consistory approved the recommendation with a motion by Kim and second by Dave.Motion carried.Baptism is set for June 3rd for the Jamie Henschel family.Wendy H is looking into new altar cloths to be purchased from the Norma Henschel memorial fund.Dr. Christensen will be the supply for the May 27th Pentecost service. June 8-10 is the WI Conference Annual meeting and delegates are needed.

New Business

Our thoughts and prayers are with Scott Zolltheis who recently had surgery.Home communions will restart after May 27th.June 3rd is Building Fund Sunday.June 17-23 is the mission trip to Minot.Dave Heckmann will be the supply when pastor is gone.Pastor will also be gone on July 1st moving his daughter Rachel; a supply will be needed for that date.A meeting will be held shortly for the summer volleyball league.


The next meeting will be held June 11th at 6:30 p.m.Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Wendy M and seconded by Kim.Motion carried.Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.Sue Johnson, Secretary





St. James Sunday School


It is hard to believe that we are completing another year in Sunday School until we return in the Fall.   On the last day, the children will be receiving their Certificate of Attendance awards and will receive an ice cream sundae as a treat.  Congratulations to Corra Gumm, Colton Marcoe, and Alivia Maxey on their Confirmation.  Thank you to Kari Langenhahnís class for the donation of two blankets to Pine Ridge. Also, thank you to the children for singing so beautifully on Motherís Day.  Great job!!   

We had a great year and look forward to seeing the children again this Fall.  Thank you to all the parents for helping throughout the year and also the Sunday School teachers. Also, if you are interested in teaching Sunday School or being a co-Superintendent, please contact Linda Lutzke or Tanya Wasmer as we are in need of a teacher and Superintendents in the Fall.

We will be having the Vacation Bible School later this year.  We are scheduling to hold Vacation Bible School on September 9 from 9 a.m. to Noon.  Please watch for the form to be sent to the families during the Summer. We wish everyone a safe and wonderful summer!


Linda Lutze and Tanya Wasmer, Co-Superintendents






St. James Service Committee Brat Fry

Thank you to everyone for their dedication and donations to this event. Our congregation is blessed to have members of all ages work
together, volunteer and share their talents.
Thank you to all those who came to eat or picked up take outs. It was a successful day.

Co-Chairs, Wendy Meyer & Mary Ann Vogel




St. James Worship Committee

This group will meet after worship on June 3rd. Please share your thoughts or concerns about worship with Doris Sprenger, Richard Lutze, and Consistory representative Kim Grotegut. Thank you.



Vacation Bible School

St. James will be having VBS on September 9th from 9am to noon. There will be more information sent during the summer. Please watch for this. Any volunteers or ideas, please contact Linda Lutzke or Tanya Wasmer.



St. James Building Fund

June 3rd is Building Fund Sunday at St. James.  As of right now, we have no major building expenses, just our normal operating expenses (Simplex Grinnell, J.F. Ahern, Express Elevator, etc.).   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.  Your donations are needed and appreciated.  

Wendy Henschel, Treasurer




Vision of Hope

There are new Application for Funding forms on the small table at the back of church.







David & Jackie Mueller, chairs

Paula Haelfrisch

Scott Henschel

Jason & Jenny Riesterer

Michael Belitz

Sadie Koenig

William & Kelly Luebke





Alan Wippermann, chair

Todd & Lori Henschel

Dan Sohn

Katie Sohn

Thomas Heckmann

Ron & Jackie Henschel

Hannah Kleinhans

Whitney Morales






3 - Maria Kesting

4 - Ashley Lutzke

5 - Thomas Heckmann

7 - Rebecca Kesting

8 - Kenneth Zolltheis,Morgan Henschel

9 - David Heckmann, William Spindler

10 - Jane Kesting,Mikaela Spindler, Dean Sprenger

12 - Michael Belitz

14 - Amanda Wasmer, Addison Nye

15 - David Krause

16-David Gumm

17- Kathleen Hickman

18 - Brittany Stolzmann

20 - David Lorfeld

21 - Steven Henschel

23 - David Johnson,Bradley Mauk

24 - Blake Forkins, Camryn Spindler

25 - Rieck Beiersdorf, Christine Gumm

28 -Cheyenne Mueller

30 - Allen Stolzmann



3 - Dale & Doris Sprenger

10- Rick & Donna Wippermann

16 - Rev. Bill & Jane Kesting

24 - ValJean & Dawn Marcoe

25 - Michael & Micaela Douglas

26 - Randall & Cindy Sohn

28 -Steven & Linda Rozmarynowski




On May 6, Corra Gumm, Colton Marcoe, and Alivia Maxey were confirmed at St. James. Congratulations.