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JUNE, 2012


From the Pastor

I guess that we could call this article “Thoughts Concerning Preparations For Mission Trips”.

I begin by praising those who are headed to Pine Ridge. The quilts are beautiful and your generosity in terms of the baby shower is remarkable. Your gifts in other ways are most generous as well. The people that are going are in our prayers for your journey.

In terms of those of us going to help in the flood recovery of Minot, North Dakota, you have been generous as well. There are nine adults going from our churches as well as from Immanuel north of Lakeland College and Our Shepherd in Howards Grove. Our skill sheets have been submitted and we will soon find out what tasks we will be doing.

Our appreciation to St. James for the brats, burgers, and soda, from the Brat Fry, which was donated to us. This brings to my attention one of our needs. We are in need of food for our evening meals, and cookies, bars, etc. Please call me (207-7209) if you are willing to send these types of food with us, in disposable containers please.

Two years ago when we went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, several people sent along breakfast items, entrees, and cookies, bars, etc. We had ample food due to your delicious cooking/baking.

We will be staying at the United Church of Christ in Minot, so lodging is not an issue. I am told by the church office secretary that their kitchen is at our disposal. We thus need the foods for preparation.

We believe that we are following the example of our Savior in terms of our loving our neighbor. We ask for your prayers for us as we travel to Pine Ridge and Minot.



Pastor Kesting




Monthly Highlights From Our Church Groups


St. Mark’s Consistory

May 10, 2012

The May meeting of the St. Mark’s Consistory was called to order by President Jason Bramstedt at 7:03 pm. A prayer by Rev. Kesting followed. Absent was Patty Taylor. 

The secretary’s report was presented by Marlene Kammann as in the newsletter.  Motion to accept by Bob Vandoske and 2nd by Amy Summers. A printed financial statement was reviewed in the treasurers absent. Motions to accept by Bob and 2nd by Joel Schnelle. Both motions passed

Building and Grounds

Bob got a call from Express Elevator Co. Any emergency call made in the elevator went directly to Otis Elevator Co. That needs to be changed so the phone will be answered 24/7. Bob will look into having any call go directly to the sheriffs department. Jason continues to look into tuck pointing bids. Due to excessive weeds the lawn has been sprayed. Consideration is being given to purchasing LP Gas for this fall. Permission was given to Anna Marie Damrow to clean out the cupboard in the kitchen that holds Sunday School food items. Doors are now being locked on the south side of the church between events. Jason had a few more keys made. The handles on the two new doors will be replaced as they tarnished right after installation.   

Old Business

Due to the lack of new people in the area the evangelism committee has not been sending out letters to prospective members. The recent Faith Presentation and Confirmation of Emily Schultz went well.  Congratulations Emily. The baptism of the Grunwald baby discussed. Welcome to the newest addition to our church family. The Spring Brunch hosted by the Sunday School was very tasty and the outstanding entertainment terrific. Great job to all involved. Suggestion box was empty. The next Worship Committee meeting will be held June 10. The next meeting for Rev Kesting to meet with Dr. Christensen will be May 18. Prayer basket has been empty. Marlene reported that the Scrip Fund has been moving forward. Marlene reported that the Constitution revision committee has almost completed the revisions. The committee will meet with the Consistory on June 12 to present the revisions. Rev Kesting reported on the administrative changes made in the Conference. Consistory will meet on Sat. May 19 to prepare for Children’s Day. Children’s Day will be Sun., May 20. Rev. Kesting will be on vacation on May 27.  Dr. Christensen will be the supply pastor and serve communion. Marlene & David to set up communion. Strengthen the Church special offering will be held that day. Delegates are needed for the Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting in Green Lake on June 8-10. Discussion was held as to having Nathan Athorp as an intern. The Schueler altar paraments are in the process of being made. Mike Summers has volunteered to take over the responsibility of our church website. Dave Aardappel has done a wonderful job in creating enthusiasm among our youth with his musical talent. He continues to offer guitar lessons to those interested. 

New Business

Roma Vandoske will be added to the home communion list. June 10 will be building fund Sunday.  Quilts have been made for the mission trips and are displayed in church. June 17-23 is the mission trip to Minot, ND. Supply pastor for June 17 & 24th will be Dave Heckman. The group has asked for food to take along to eat while there. There will be a supply pastor on July 1 as Rev Kesting will be on vacation. A letter has been sent out to youth concerning volleyball. The first practice will be June 10. Mission Fest discussion has been tabled. It is unclear if there will vacation bible school this year due to lack of interest. Consent was given by the consistory to allow the Heling reaffirmation of marriage vows on July 7. No fees will be charged. Amy suggested saying Thank You to our Sunday School teachers.   Flowers will be given to each teacher on children day. 


The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 12. .   Motion to adjourn was made by Bob and seconded by Joel.   Motion carried


Marlene Kammann, Secretary




St. Mark’s Sunday School

Thanks to all those who Our spring brunch was a good time and we especially were proud of the students for sharing their song with everyone.  A special thank you to Dave and Tammy Grunwald for the donation of eggs and to all those that donated baked goods and monetary donations.  It truly makes a difference in the kids’ lives to share and learn these activities with others. 

Our Mother's Day gift was especially fun this year because it was edible and crafty!  Thank you to Jodi Binversie for making cupcakes for each to decorate and we also had fun with the “My Mother” fill in the blank cards.  The kids came up with some very cute and sweet thoughts about their mothers!      

Sandy Perronne finished up our lesson plans for the year as a group and we spent our last Sunday playing a variety of games which was incorporated with Children's Day. 

Please thank Dave Aardappel for his extra time and talent in sharing music with the kids.  We were very happy to have him join our group.  Dave has also started guitar lessons with several kids before or after church which they seem to be very excited about. 

It has been a good year and we thank you for sharing your children with us.


Julie Herrmann, Sunday School Newsletter Coordinator




Youth News




Summer Volleyball

Our first game is the 3rd, 7pm at Immanuel.

June 10th         no game, possible practice

June 17th         2 games

6pm                St. John’s, home

7:30pm                       at Our Shepherd

June 24th         7pm                at Bethlehem

July 8th            2pm                Saron, home

July 15th          12:15pm         Tournament at Cleveland Park





Grow Through Fellowship

Timber Rattlers Tailgate Party and School Supply Offering

Our Northeast Association is hosting a game on Saturday, July 21. Dinner and activities for kids starts at 4 p.m. with the game at 6:30 p.m. There are fireworks after the game.

The cost is $12 for adults and $6 for children ages 12 and under.

Reservations and money are due by Tuesday, July 3. Mail your check to Wisconsin Conference UCC,

P.O. Box 435, DeForest, WI 53532

There is also a School Supply Offering for Orion Family Services. Help Orion in its Mission of Guiding Abused, Neglected, and Troubled Children and Youth. Supplies needed are: Backpacks, No. 2 Pencils. Color Pencils, Individual Pencil Sharpeners, Pens (Bic), Sharpie Magic Markers, Crayola Crayons, Crayola Markers, Notebooks (Wide and College ruled), Loose Leaf Paper (Wide and College ruled), Graph Paper, 3 ring binders, Highlighters, Calculators – Scientific or Basic, Folders, Pencil Cases (Zipper Bags), Construction Paper (multi-colored). Bring these items July 21.



News to Know



Welcome to "The Dairy Days of Summer"

All over Wisconsin Dedicated Dairy Farm Families and County Dairy Promotion groups are preparing to host thousands of people at county Dairy Breakfasts & June Dairy Month Events. Consider attending one or more to learn about Wisconsin's fantastic $26.5 billion dairy industry. Fun activities are endless and the experiences memorable. And of course, all those yummy dairy products!!!!! Please visit: to find more information about the events. Click on 3 for "Dairy Days of Summer". And don't forget to browse the entire website for an endless amount of information about cheese, recipes and the Wisconsin's Dairy Industry. And of course, the Sheboygan Co. Dairy Promotion Association invites you & your family to attend our Sheboygan County Breakfast on the Farm on Sat. June 16 on the Neal & Dianne Schmidt Farm near Cascade, WI where "Addie" the Cow and her crew will be greeting guests. Visit to find more information about our breakfast, "Addie" the Cow's 2012 Tour and information about Ambassador presentations for your group or in the classroom.   



St. Mark’s Prayer Basket

Please continue to place your requests in this basket at the back of church or give them to Pastor. He will honor your requests.




Father's Day is almost here. Think of dad with a useful gift card and bring the profit home to St. Mark's. Perhaps a nice meal out, grilling meat from a meat market, or for the do- it -yourselfer dad perhaps a card from the home improvement stores.  Check it out. And remember scrip can be used for gas, groceries, clothes, etc. for your everyday shopping. You can support our church 7 days a week.         





Andrew Schroeder has graduated from UW-Whitewater with a degree in Business. He is seeking employment.

Matthew Roelse has graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in Business. He is seeking employment.

Note: We will share our High School graduates next month. Please call Pastor to share your news.



Pine Ridge Missions

We would once again like to thank everyone at St. Marks and St. James for their willingness to help and for the many contributions to our trip.  We will be leaving bright and early on June 15th and returning on June 23rd. On Sunday, June 10th there will be a special dedication of the quilts, laprobes and the clothes that were "lovingly" stitched for the residents of Pine Ridge.  We know that they will be appreciated very much! Woyawaste ota ye (Many Blessings)




Vacation Bible School

St. James will be having VBS on September 9th from 9am to noon. There will be more information sent during the summer. Please watch for this. Any volunteers or ideas, please contact Linda Lutzke or Tanya Wasmer.



Church Camping

The brochures and other information is available at each church. There are camping opportunities offered for all age groups.



Bible Study

This group will not meet until September 24 due to summer schedules.




St. Marks Building Fund

June 9th is building fund Sunday at St. Mark’s. Projects that are being reviewed are tuck pointing and we have begun a special fund for the parking lot.  If you have any questions regarding the expenses that are paid from this fund, I can be reached at 565-2998.

Patty Taylor, Treasurer



St. Mark’s Worship Committee

This group is scheduled to meet again after worship on the 10th. Please share your thoughts or concerns about worship with the following members: Noreen Flook, Linda Schroeder, and Amy Summers. Thank you.



St. Mark’s Service Committee

The Consistory would like to update the Service Committee listing. The Service Committee is asked to help when there is a meal after a funeral and may be asked to help at other special occasions when needed. You can be on the list even if you cannot help every time. 

If you are on the list and would like to be taken off or if you are willing to help please contact Marlene at 920-565-2608.

>Also, even if you are on the present list, please contact Marlene if you are willing to help set up and take down tables when needed.  




Favorite Hymns

If you have a favorite hymn that you wish to be a part of worship, please share this in the Suggestion Box or offering plate. Your request will be honored as soon as possible. Also, it may be a part of a time of hymn sing.





Cell Phone

Pastor has a cell phone which he carries with him except on worship times. The number is 920-207-7209.
Please remember that the church office phone number is 920-693-8361. There is an answering machine on this number.



New Confidentiality Laws

There have been some recent changes to the confidentiality laws. These changes make it difficult for pastors (and also other people) to obtain information about anyone in the Hospital. If you or a loved one will be in the hospital and wish pastor to know about it, please call him at 693-8361. Otherwise he may not be able to find out.



Receive Your Church Newsletter Online

If you are interested in receiving your monthly newsletter strictly via the Internet instead of the hard copy please send an e-mail stating such to Karen Marx at Each month an e-mail will be sent to notify you when the updated Country Church Herald is available Online.






Julie Herrmann, chair

Pat Flook

Alex Perronne

Autumn Risch

Alicia Schueler

Brynn Schueler

Tim & Wendy Schueler





June, July, August -

No Candle Lighters Needed




Alyssa Perronne, chair

Brice Karstaedt

Brian Karstaedt

Mark Grunwald

Judy Steinbeck

Abbey Perronne

Ed & Gerty Free





1 - Janet Schueler

3 -  Maria Kesting

4 - Tim Miota

5 - Lindsey Helgeson

7 - Rebecca Kesting

9 - Ray Sixel

10 - Jane Kesting,  Tara Vandoske

11 - Mike Summers

13 - Emma Perronne

14 - Sherri Kaestner

16  -Steve Gabsch, Shawn Schmidt

17 - Alivia Hundt

18 - Michael Marcheske

19 - Robert Gumm, Jr.,  Mary Ellen Schnelle

20 - Bruce Opitz

26 - Tim Schultz

27 - Glenn Spindler



1 - Dave & Audrey Aardappel

2 - Eugene & LaVerne Maeuser

3 - Tim & Angel DeBlaey

6 - Thomas & Stacy Hermann

11 - Todd & Stacy Grunwald

15 - Lee & Nancy Sixel

16 - Rev. Bill & Jane Kesting

21 - Robert & Barbara Pragalz

27  -Melvin & Kathryn Jaehnig (53)

28  - James & Patty Taylor





If there is a correction for the birthday or anniversary list, please contact the church office at 693-8361.

Thank you.